Harris Rappaport
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Samples of my work:

USC - Marshall School of Business Portal
The MyMarshall portal is my work. It utilizes JSP technology, SQL Server Stored Procedures, and Applets. (Requires user/pass. Contact me for access.)

The Matrix - Message Board
This message board for the movie's official website is my work. Some of it's features are: paging and archiving, personal formatting of user messages, and custom replacement of inappropriate words. (And you can see my name listed in the credits at http://whatisthematrix.warnerbros.com/credits.html!)

Joe Escobar Diamonds - Website
This website is my work (along with designer extraordinaire Matthew Knight). Joe Escobar Diamonds is the largest diamond retailer in Silicon Valley. This site includes dynamic product display, jewelry magnifying glass, registration/login, wishlists, and advanced administration capabilities.

Design-A-Room - Applet
This very popular Java Applet is my work. It is a very sophisticated tool to help you figure out how to arrange your furniture. It's many features include the ability to create multiple rooms and save and print your work. Design-A-Room has won many awards and accolades.

Lite Brite - Applet
This popular Java Applet is my work. It is an exact online replica of the Hasbro toy. Some of it's advanced features include the ability to save and print your work, email your creation to a friend, post it to the community gallery.

Diamond Cutters - Auction
This Auction is all my work. It is completely customizable, state of the art auction-ware.

Fatline - Applet
This Applet/Servlet visualization tool is my work. It allows for easy viewing of very complex heirarchical data. It is the main selling point for Fatline's product.

Kapp Group - Website
This website is my work. It includes an online shopping cart/store, dynamic multi-language functionality and very sophisticated administration capabilities.

Our Group - Groupware
This entire site is my work. It is a place where any group can set up a site for their members to communicate. It offers some of the most sophisticated groupware available on the internet.

Painting Tool - Applet
This applet is my work. It's a cool painting tool.

Nine Inch Nails - Community Forum (no longer active)
This entire section of the official NIN website is my work (except the graphics). This is a very robust community forum, featuring 4 different threaded discussion boards, advanced viewing capabilities, personal profiles, personal messaging with sophisticated tracking functions, and much more.

Thomas the Tank Engine - Personalized Webpages (no longer active)
The 'My Thomas Page' area is all my work. This area of the website allows the children to create their own personal webpage, with custom text and graphics. Also features an administrative tool to award a prize for 'page of the month'.

HBO 4 Kids (no longer active)
I created many parts of this site - Wacky Wu/Zooligans, YouRL, Daily Buzz, and the rest of the Wuz Up area.

contact: harris@harrisrappaport.com